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Sandy’s Stanford Site
Clementine & Penelope Leto’s Blog
Tim and Sue’s Site (username: simandtue; password: sandy98)
Sue and Tim’s Site (username: Suefurness; password: sandy98)
Remembering Robinhttp://rememberingrobin.orghttp://rememberingrobin.orgshapeimage_20_link_0
Maddie’s Site
Pictures from Aunt HannahPictures_from_Hannah.htmlPictures_from_Hannah.htmlshapeimage_22_link_0
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Sandy’s “Reflections” Site
Jack and Dory’s Family Web Site
Walt’s Prom
Opening Night
3rd Show
4th Show
25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Closing Night
Ashland, OR, April 2011
France, July 2011
Switzerland, July 2011
East Coast Trip April 2012

Prom Prep April 2012

Walt’s High School Graduation
Reunion in Pittsburgh Summer 2012
Canary Challenge 2012
The Real Thing 2012
Grab Bag 2012
Walt & Maddie by Maggie Vittori (kids on location photography)
Maddie’s High School Graduation
Stage Door Production Nov 2011
Opening Night!i=1896708930&k=28PkPvm
A few more from Friday Night!i=1896744828&k=7WTZGSG!i=1896744828&k=7WTZGSG
Kitchen Sink Dec 2011
Walt at the Y Jan 2012
Boxing Day Dec 2011
Once Upon a Mattress Production March 2011
Maddie’s Role Only!i=1896771139&k=gmV2zwn
Act I!i=1896790040&k=pt36mR3
Act II!i=1896880609&k=rxc2TfW
Memory Writing Session!i=1896664177&k=Rnrgzcs
Furness Anniversary & Reunion October 2011
from Erica!i=1896672016&k=Qd7N8Cd
A few more!i=1896675200&k=Npkwdkr
*Password: idahosuephoto
Tuscanny Weekend from Sue*
Saturday Night Banquet from Sue*
Claire’s Album
Our 32nd Anniversary
Summer 2013
Check out our
Labor Day Weekend 2013
Maddie Moves to Northwestern
Autumn 2013
Pescadero December 2013
Extraordinary Sunset 2013
Walt & Erica 2013
Canary Challenge 2013
Family Portraits 2013
Canadian Thanksgiving 2013
Washington, D.C. & Florida
April 2014
Maura’s 30th Birthday
July 2014
Sandy’s “Reflections” Bloghttp://reflectionsofplanetearth.tumblr.comhttp://reflectionsofplanetearth.tumblr.comshapeimage_88_link_0
Ashland, OR Aug 2014
Priest Lake, ID
Aug 2014
Jeff Napel
1974 - 2014
Canary Challenge
Napel Family Historical
Leon Napel
WW II Air Force Diary
Santa Cruz
Fall & Thanksgiving
Boxing Day
2014 on Skyline
New Year’s Eve 2014
December 2014
Florida January 2015
Chicago February 2015
At Maury & Linda’s February 2015
Les Mis March 2015
Wine Country April 2015
Switzerland May 2015
United Kingdom
May 2015
Eric Clapton at the RAH
May 2015
Ellie graduates from 8th Grade
June 2015
July 4, 2015
Mexico 2015
Bonnie & Drew 
August 2015
August 2015
Canary Challenge
September 2015
Fall Visits 2015
Canadian Thanksgiving 2015
Christmas 2015
March 2016
Evanston & Chicago
May 2016
Summer Scamper
June 2016
Furness Reunion and Jack & Dori’s 65th Anniversary
July 2016
Fay, Roger, Audrey & Tristan Visit
July 2016
Robert Cray & Boz Scaggs
July 2016
Muir Woods
August 2016
Walt’s 26th Birthday
Canadian Thanksgiving 2016
American Thanksgiving 2016
Christmas - Chanukah 2016
February 2017
New York City 2017
Walt’s Sequoia School Site
Miriam Napel 1925-2011